Transycons website gets a facelift !

11 March 2014

…and we also changed the “bones”, they are now provided by WordPress 😉

Many have said, at the end of the year 2013, that our website was in desperate need of a new look. First of all, it needed work on its graphics and, since the mobile devices have gained ground, a facelift would only be to our advantage…

Finding information on the website wasn’t intuitive enough. Potential clients had the tendency to ask questions to which the answers were already provided on the website, we share part of the responsibility for that…

Since our website was created, a few years ago, with Joomla, it began showing its age. Somewhat specific content updates  have become too difficult to make for any non-geek, as well as risks regarding security and upgrade. For that we definitely had to put Joomla aside…

Finally, we decided to go with a complete makeover, so we decided to start developing our new website with WordPress, which has earned a reputation for its simple and intuitive administration system and which provides a large number of attractive modules (which basically are pretty much free).

As our dear clients are always our priority, we seemed to always postpone the new website till 2020, but a beneficial jump-start to the project was given by a German Outsourcing Association, which at the end of November chose to publish an article presenting a Transycons concept – the white label web manufacture in nearshore. For heaven’s sake, if we are to be invaded by a promising flow of visitors, we have to make a good first impression with our website!

The new website will be narrowed down to 3 languages, 2 main ones (French and English, Romanian being used mainly for the recruitment part). Finally, German hasn’t been reintroduced, considering the constraint represented by the update of a website in 4 languages. Moreover, with the possible exception of a portion of French, the English language has become widely mastered in Europe (especially northern) and elsewhere …

How to describe the new website?

First of all, we were aiming for a clean design.

Obviously, the new site was developed to offer a Responsive Design display which means that the elements of the website will shift depending on the size of the screen device.

The structure was rethought for a more intuitive information access.

As WordPress proposes modules for the Search Engine Optimization (SEO), for redirection and for very sympathetic statistics, we could use more our website as a real lab and experiment with the various options on the new pages.

The blog, as well was rethought and the articles will be classified by themes. The aim was to engage the employees in the writing of articles, no matter their specialty.

The Facebook page of Transylvania Consulting is also beginning to see the light of day, its animation is more and more left to the imagination of employees.

And let’s not forget our Google+ page, which would definitely deserve more frequent updates…

But until then, enjoy your visit on our site and please excuse us if the new blog and site still smells of fresh paint 😉