We develop top quality website and web apps

Most of our activities can be found in one of the following groups:

Corporate website creation

We create corporate websites mainly for Western Europe Web Agencies.
These agencies can offer very aesthetic, personalized, and with easily editable content websites to their small and midsize companies. This brand new websites are obviously compatible with the latest versions of browsers and fully comply to responsive web design rules.

Content management system (CMS) websites development

We analyze customer’s needs and choose together the tool that best fit them (WordPress or other).

After the customer agrees on our price quote, we create the webdesign, then we develop the website, usually from scratch to have maximum flexibility (which is not the case with templates or themes bought online offer).

Once development is complete, the client checks the site’s compliance on our server, and then he gives us the last remarks or the consent for online transfer.

Whenever it is necessary, we also propose an online training for the final product.

Ecommerce websites creation

  • Beforehand, we study the customer’s activity and requirements, then we analyze the technical options and relevant modules available in order to provide the most efficient solution for our client
  • Further we create the web design for the main pages (home, products list, product details); and then we develop and integrate the customer’s elements, activate the payment system, the delivery configuration, etc.
  • We create website according to clients specific requests (multi site, specific products packaging etc.)
  • When it is necessary, we prepare an interface between new website and client software or ERP
  • We can also populate the database with clients products and their characteristics.

Custom web sites and applications development

  • Transycons is usually quite involved in the initial phase of each project, in order to help the client improve its concept, clarify the specifications and set the development stages.

It is not uncommon that clients come a few days to our headquarter in order to finish together specifications.

  • Once project architecture is decided, we form a team with diversified expertise, whose mission will be to develop step by step the new customized web application or web site
  • Payments will be done progressively, based on precise milestones defined from the beginning
  • Collaborations usually take place on a very long period, in order to develop V2, V3, etc or simply ensure maintenance evolution. We only bill tasks required by customers.

Search Engine Optimization – SEO

As a complementary service for client for which we developed web sites or web applications, we offer seo services :

  • Initial SEO analysis : we identify relevant SEO expressions, then we study their potential and allocate the best ones on websites pages
  • We optimize for SEO website content
  • We operate linking actions
  • We create and follow AdWords Campaigns
  • Animation on social media.