Who are our web factory's customers

Web agencies in Western Europe

We supply digital agencies of any size with:

  • A sizable capacity, helping them to deliver the projects even if they face a sudden orders surge
  • Flexibility, as their needs for subcontracting varies quickly and much, especially if they also have their own production team
  • Expertise to guide their project managers especially on new projects
  • A wide range of competences in order to allow them to meet very diversified functional needs
  • A long term partnership for maintenance evolution on websites we have been building over time.

Start-up companies based on original web site or web application

For these companies, a web site is not only a presentation tool, but the backbone of their core activity. We provide them with:

  • Strong support and targeted advices in the beginning of the project
  • clear budget from the beginning, as we mostly work with an initial price offer
  • The right cost for maintenance evolution, we only invoice the hours worked proved by task details
  • The durability of an already long lasting technical partnership which can be a great support to develop further versions.

CEO – IT managers

They need a reliable and versatile partner in order to address their daily requests on web development and maintenance;

  • In house applications
  • Varied software
  • Web site from all over the group
  • Web design for emailing, birthday wishes, virtual cards etc.

We usually praise their ability to specify clearly the functionalities they need for new development, which allows us to give very precise quotations.

IT and web project managers freelancers

We can either be subcontractor for tasks, or work in parallel with them, depending on their choice.

They are web specialists who have become self-employed.
We give them the possibility to offer turnkey solutions to their customers;

  • They do the project management part, and possibly other services on which they have a personal expertise ; web design, SEO etc…
  • Transycons works on development part, and if needed other services such as web design etc.

Other web clients

Transycons has also worked a long time with software editors and passionate web entrepreneurs.

If you do not find your activity in the previous typology, it is not a problem at all, just keep in mind that we are specialized on custom, high-quality and responsive websites and applications, offering a very good quality-price ratio.