28 November 2013
  • Politicaly safe and stable country, western oriented parliamentary democracy (NATO full member since 2004, and UE since 2007)
  • Functional and reliable insfrastructure in administration, transport and energy. Increasing liberalization within the UE. Very competivive telecomunication and internet sector, constant service quality improvement.
  • International technical fame for romanian ingineers. Proven learneing and adaptationcapacities. (yearly high ranks at computing olympics ; over 300 romanian engineers at Microsoft headquarter, which made Bill Gates acknoledge that Romanian language is microsoft second language…)

  • Clear proximity to Western Europe
    • Cultural, (european country) which sharply decreases risc for misundestanding
    • Linguistic: Most young romanians speak sevaral languages
    • Geographical: Short duration trips with plane.
    • Time: Only on hour lag with continental wester Europe, and 2 with Great Britain and Portugal… which means easy permanent comunication with the romanian team.
    • Law: no need for visa to come or to travel outside Roumania to western Europe. Romania project managers travelling there only need an ID, and are therefore hughly mobile..