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Stock or exchage online

Start-up from Lyon who decided to lounch an exchange / sell online system using a multifunctional web portal.


Offers to the internauts the possibility to buy, sell of exchange a large variety of products online.

Requires a mandatory authentication before using the site, in order to provide a maximum level of security to the users transactioning online.

Project details

Functionalities :

  • UX Design and ergonomy
  • Custom developement
  • Ad system using a complex taxonomy structure.
  • Possibility to choose between selling or exchanging your product.
  • Necotiation system between users (+ messaging system)
  • FAQ, Forum, Blog…
  • Maintenance after launching the site in 2016.


  • Audit and consultance for the SEO aspects of the project (do not use popups, etc)
  • Analyse of keywords and optimisation of static pages (FAQ included)
  • Creation of thematic blog articles
  • Net linking
  • Adwords campaign(plus tracking).

Custom Transycons (Framework) based on LAMP (Linux, Apache, PHP, Mysql)…
Analyse and developments, site speed optimisation.
Use of Facebook Connect and Twitter API for creating user accounts.

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