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Nexthome is a trademark of Exens Communication. The latter publishes a monthly magazine dedicated to real estate on the French Riviera, and offers an online real estate portal, presenting the property advertisements of many real estate agencies in the region.


The old website had been developed under Symfony, and was no longer satisfactory to the company, and above all did not make it possible to make the functional evolutions possible.

It is in this context that Transylvania Consulting has been entrusted by Exens Communication to completely redevelop the entire real estate site, as well as databases and data exchange gateways.

The project also included an Intranet space and an Extranet space.

Project details

For the web real estate project: our proprietary solution (Framework) based on the free PHP technology and based on the following languages: MySQL, HTML, JavaScript, XML parser.
Three types of gateways have been developed and are operational :

The client loads its ZIP file on the FTP server into a pre-defined folder, which is reserved for it
The gateway calls a web service to retrieve the data to be integrated into the database
The gateway connects to an external FTP server to retrieve the new data.

Each night, the gateways are executed one by one, asynchronously.
Items that no longer appear in new files are disabled from the production database.
We keep track of the new cities and regions that appear after each sync launch.

A summary of the synchronizations is sent to the administrator at each end of the procedure.

The content files are in the following formats: XML, CSV, and TXT.


The intranet is accessible only to the persons in charge of the platform.

  • Management of real-estate agencies
  • Management of ads / types of goods / types of offers
  • Management of email alerts / contact requests
  • Management of data transfer gateways
  • Web Content Management
  • Managing profiles and users
  • Nexthome Monthly Release Layout

The Extranet space is reserved for customers of Nexthome, real estate agencies.

This space allows them to carry out certain actions, such as :

  • Property management for rent and for sale
  • Layout for publication into the Nexthome magasine
  • Recover and manage contact requests from the platform
  • Retrieve and manage requests for information made from the platform
  • Manage the client account (users, access, rights, …)
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