Prestashop audited and certified Transycons ecommerce websites

22 February 2024

Transycons just received from Prestashop this logo « Prestashop expert» after their audit for the ecommerce sites we developed with their platform.

This recent Prestashop program allows you to evaluate the work of website development agencies. Those whose development quality is satisfactory receive a quality label to guide companies wishing to develop or maintain an online store under Prestashop.

Transycons provided them with a list of its e-commerce site productions, which Prestashop audited and then validated.

Please note that we have only indicated a fraction of the online stores. Namely only recent Prestashop stores, which have been created for direct customers. We did not notify them of the Prestashop sites created as white labels for partner digital agencies. This is for obvious reasons of confidentiality. But it goes without saying that the quality of the development work is identical regardless of the nature of the client!

This Prestashop Expert label represents recognition for our nearshore web agency. It’s even a form of consecration after more than ten quite intense years of developing and maintaining Prestashop websites. From version 1.4 to Prestashop 8, that’s already a long journey! For us as for Prestashop, already proud of its almost 300,000 e-commerce stores installed around the world, this is clearly only the beginning!