11 February 2014

The company visual identity is essential to make a good first impression. It can be either a logo, a website or a company newsletter.

Transycons is an offshore design agency and is eager to respond to every web design related request:

  • Logo creation, which is often the basis for a graphic identity. We create logos that fit with companies specification. The clearer instruction are, the cheaper our work will be.
  • Web sites design; in the vast majority of cases, Transycons creates a custom grafism for websites it develops. If we clearly prefer precise request (including a clear example of preference to get your “state of mind”) Transycons strives to adapt to each agency, each country and each end customer requirement.
    Please note that as soon as it is requested, our romanian artistic directors do respect responsive web design constraints on their graphic design creations.
  • Transycons often creates and integrates attractive newsletter designs, which help to communicate on a timely product launch, a promo or an event.
  • Creation of original and attractive greeting cards for web agencies or for agencies clients !

This list can, or course, be widely extended, so do not hesitate to contact us about any of your web graphics needs.