11 February 2014


Transycons is an outsourcer in website creation industry. Expertise and know-how are our everyday motto.

Nearshore proximity

There is only one hour time difference to Paris, Brussels or Geneva, and web developers are EU citizens, within a two hours flight distance…
These aspects are further developed in section: Why in Romania?

Multilingual and international team

Transycons employees master at least two languages, many of them know three or even four. The most common languages are English and French, but we also master other rare languages like Dutch, Hungarian, etc. An international management matches with an international environment…


Monitoring tools for distant work

Usual clients have their own projects monitoring interface, displaying for each project their main parameters: interlocutors, quoted billable time, completion rates, priority level, etc.

Information exchange management; (mainly) written

Wide experience in documents exchange:
– Written specifications, graphs and scheme in English and French
– Document exchange through ftp (or e-mails)
– From time to time a skype conference call for bigger projects

Flexibility in IT skills allocation

Our activity is mainly based on quoted projects, which means teams have to be reshaped frequently, implying a high flexibility grade organization.

Wide web expertise

Our near-shore web agency displays a wide range of expertise, thus being able to meet a diversified demand for full website creation: graphic designers, html / css integrators, digital motion specialists, programmators, sys admin, project managers, search engine optimizers, community managers…

Interlocutors can be mobile

Our project managers can, if necessary, come to work at client headquarter on a complex new project, to train client users etc. There is no need for visa within the UE.

Transparent IT nearshore service provider: on-site visit

Before you start a long term collaboration, which implies (time) investment and impacts your result commitment to your clients, the best way to take a lucid decision is to pay a visit to your (potential) IT service provider. Seeing its headquarter and its teams will give you an idea about its potential, level of organization and technical competence.
Moreover, such a visit will allow you to get an insight to varied specialists expertise, thus enriching your perspective on forthcoming or current projects.

Test project: create of a non-urgent website

Each client company has its own habits, so deeply embedded in its internal culture that they seem evident to employees and as a result there is the risk that a part of these aspects may not be specified (written) for the nearshore web agency. As a matter of fact, each client company has its own “implicits” and we have reached the conclusion that they vary quite a lot from a company to another.
In order to calmly approach these “implicits”, we strongly advise you to start a nearshore collaboration with a rather limited test based on a non-urgent project. Several issues may possibly appear, but with no real consequences on a limited project. Then, with this first collaboration feedback we can get involved in more and more ambitious website creation projects, because the collaboration will have already been effectively tested.